Have you ever heard of James Gilchrist? How about Elaine Brown, Steve Kubby, George Phillies, or Christine Smith? I’m betting your answer is “no”. Well, these people are all running in the 2008 presidential election. The reason you haven’t heard of them is because they’re all third party candidates.

Can you name a 2008 Democratic Candidate? How about a Republican candidate? Sure, we all know that Hilary, Barack, and Rudy have declared their intentions, but did you know that Alaskan Mike Gravel (D) and Ron Paul (R) from Texas are also hoping for your vote? Who are these people? What are their platforms? Which issues are important to them? How do they like their eggs for Breakfast?

As election day nears I often find myself surfing candidate’s web sites and political blogs, trying to predict who would best serve the needs of humanity as president. Well, this year I’m ahead of the game. I want to share with you my favorite “2008 presidential race overview” site, located on Wikipedia. This site includes characteristics of the election, a timeline, candidates (and their websites), and external links. Go check it out sometime, and feel more confident next fall that you’ve made an informed choice.