Often throughout the day I’ll find myself saying (to myself) “I should put that on the blog.” However, 99% of the time these internal reminders do not come to fruition. This is probably good for you, the reader, as some pretty crazy things cross my mind as needing to be blogged about (as evidenced by past posts on dreams, exploding green beans, etc.)

Today I just have to let off a little frustration. The borough yesterday decided to do a thorough job of cleaning up the snow in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, in their zeal to get all the snow off the roads, a worker also managed to plow over our mailbox. We didn’t find out until this morning, when Kevin was on his way to work and had to unbury the mangled mail box and attempt to straighten it back out. Two things about this situation really irk me. The first is that I had posted several letters to be mailed, including letters to Kevin and my grandparents. These letters went flying into oblivion when the mailbox was nailed, and have yet to be recovered. Argh. You can’t replace a heartfelt letter. The second draft is never as good as the first because you just want to get it sent out. This is why I write emails – they can be automatically saved.

The second reason I am irked about this little incident is the possible lack of care that it shows by the grater (is that how you spell it?) driver. It’s possible he didn’t even notice he hit it (those trucks are huge, after all, but if he did, shame on him 😉

So, in finality, the bad part about snow? Careless drivers. The good part? Jimmy giggling while sledding.

Jimmy Sledding