So, in case you’ve been vacationing on the moon and haven’t heard, the president has laid out his plan to fix the craziness in Iraq. Part of this plan includes sending 21,500 additional troops into the country, primarily to Baghdad. I thought Dean Barnett’s blog at (no, don’t stop reading this just because it comes from pointed out some interesting aspects regarding the opposition to this new plan. I like that Barnett is just as hard on many Republicans as he is on Democrats. Yes, I know that Barnett has his biases as well. Yes, I know that this is the maxwellhouse blog, and so I should be reporting my own review, but I don’t have the time to dig deeper into the specifics of military strategy (Barnett does). My favorite part:

On its face adding 20,000 troops to the 140,000 already there does admittedly seem to be, as my dear old Uncle Willie said this morning, a “band-aid.” The problem is most of our congressmen don’t look beyond the surface. So when a lightweight like Republican Gordon Smith of Oregon refers to the surge as a “Hail Mary pass,” I’m quite willing to believe that he says such things not out of malice but out of ignorance regarding the tactical sea-change that the surge represents.


15) Whoa! Really lashing out at the Republicans there. What’s the deal? Enforcing some kind of party loyalty or something?


Democrats can at least defend their antics as garden-variety partisan idiocy. Republicans saying the same sort of things can’t hide behind the curtain of serving their party. They’re just being idiots.”