Apple just released a product that many of us have known was coming: the iPhone. Initial reactions are mostly positive, with reviewers saying that Apple’s jump into the cellular phone market is likely to cause a reaction similar to the sweep of the iPod in the MP3 player market. I would tend to agree (in the short run) – except for the price. The iPhone sports several useful features, but has a tag price of $499. Of course, this is the initial price, and several other cell manufacturers have been successful at moving their expensive products (although I doubt believe many, if any, have been as pricey as the iPhone).

Apple has teamed up with Cingular to offer this phone, so we’ll see how Cingular offers the iPhone as a part of their service plans over the next weeks and months. This all really shouldn’t even matter to me, though, as I live in the middle of nowhere, and large cellular providers will probably never enter such a small market as Alaska. Oh well. Maybe through a partnership ACS will bring me the iPhone. Doubtful.

With this offering, and the posotive reviews, Apple has shown that their corporate transformation is indeed paying off. People love their products. Is it just hype, or is the company truly developing products that make the world a better place for consumers? Probably a little of both.