While in Sitka I had the following dream:

I took Jimmy in for a visit at the Doctor. The doctor took him into a back room, examined him, and came out and told me that I had a “supply problem”. He then asked me if I had any cast iron at home (apparently cast iron was somehow a part of the cure). The doctor then went back to bring out Jimmy, but something wasn’t quite right. His face (Jimmy’s) looked as though he were morphing into a vampire. Not a complete transformation, but obviously the beginning of something.

Suddenly the Doctor’s office dissapeared and I found myself in a large sports center. There were several different sports areas within the center, including soccer, basketball courts, and an ice arena. Not only had Jimmy changed, but so had I. I could sense that there was something different about me. No longer was I a simple human, but I now had wings. I understood that a battle was coming; a battle between good and evil. I knew that the battle would take place in the sports center at midnight. Until then, it was my duty to search the overhead crawlspace of the center for devil-like creatures that were waiting for the battle to begin. In the back of my mind I knew that Jimmy’s life depended on my succeeding in my mission.

On the basketball courts in the sports center a junior high basketball tournament had begun. I found myself walking along the sidelines of a girls game, where I ran into Sarah Palin, who was cheering on her daughter.

The End.

Pieces of the Puzzle:

-Kevin’s folks got me some cast iron pans for christmas (which I have wanted for a long time and am very excited about)

-I recently read an Anchorage Daily News article about the construction of the Sports Center at ChangePoint, a giant new inflatable sports complex to be finished in April