We had a great trip to Michigan this last week. Even though Jimmy travelled well, I’ve still sworn off flying with an infant. Of course, this won’t last, as I’m already booked on a flight to Sitka in October (only 2 hrs of flying).

We saw the St. Clair River, Lake Huron, Bluewater Bridge, Downtown Detroit, and the Henry Ford Museum. The Museum was definetly a highlight of the trip. The Ford Museum contains numerous articles, including the car that JFK was assasinated in, the Chair that Lincoln was assasinated in, and the Oscar Meyer Weenie Mobile (Kevin’s Fav).

A big reason for the trip was for Jimmy to get to meet his Great-Grandpa George. George has some hilarious sayings, including my favorite, “You’d never make the German army.” He also jokingly claims to be older than 100, even though he’s only 84. He’s a very sweet, generous, funny guy.
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