Deedee Jonrowe called me today.Yup – the famous Iditarod musher took time out of her day to call me up and ask me to vote for her buddy John Binkley. Ok, so it WAS Deedee, but only a recorded message. These types of messages drive me nuts. I understand the reasoning behind pre-recorded calls; to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time. But I didn’t take the time to listen (I’m sure 75% of voters do the same), and hung up as soon as I realized it was a recording. Does this type of attempt ever succeed it its purpose? Are voters won over by a pre-recorded phone call from a “celebrity”? I would guess that the answer is no. So, why are candidates still spending money on this type of marketing?

My preferred method of following the Alaska Governor’s race has lately been to tune in to Anchorage Daily News’ The Trail by Kyle Hopkins.