Grammy Reading to JimmyDad and Jimmy

Today Mom and Dad left (Mom to Oregon, Dad to Sitka). Things I was tempted to do when they left include:
-leave their coffee cups on the counter until they return
-leave this morning’s leftover coffee in the pot until they return (tried this experiment once before, with bad results)
We’ll see them again in October when we fly down for Alaska Day. Somehow it makes their departure so much easier when we have a set date to meet up with them again.

In other news… I’ve got an infestation. More specifically, my tomato plants have been infested with aphids. Eeeeewwww! I’m battling them half-heartedly (with pesticide, and hopefully soon, ladybugs). At least the problem didn’t come about until late in the season. I figure I have another two months before the aphids completely take over. This should be enough time to get in the majority of the harvest.